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Shenzhen and to intelligent technology co., LTD(HEDGE Access Control Co., Ltd.)Is a leading technology anti-terrorism barricade solution provider,Based on the technology innovation,Provide one-stop anti-terror work integrated solutions、Systems and services,To ensure people happiness of life is not affected by fear of attacks for the goal。

And to the smart set product research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Service as a whole,In technology research and development and to uphold“Subvert our innovation”Spirit of products,Factory hardware products have simple installation、To maintain the advantages of convenient features。In the aspect of intelligent control,By combining with big data、The Internet of things technology, etc,Let roadblocks products in various application fields have more mature can carry out the solution of the ground。

And getting a number of utility model and intelligent、Appearance、The invention patent, etc,At the same time, also received authority certification testing,Our partners throughout the country30Many provinces and regions,From products to solutions to provide one-stop professional services to our customers。

And to the smart will uphold“In order to create customer value for this,Proud of diligently struggle”The core values,Practice“Make society safer,Let the life more harmonious”The mission,With excellent quality and service based on market,For the customer、For the people、To build a security for the society、Intelligence、Convenient、And efficient living environment。

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